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A Little Buddy - Web Edition

Published • February 08, 2022

Several years ago, I made a little desktop companion app based on Mega Man. It's fun to run sometimes and have Mega Man run around my desktop, especially if I'm sharing my screen on Zoom or the like during these pandemic times.

Unfortunately, it's a little hard for other people to enjoy Mega Man. I wrote it in 2008 using .NET Framework, so it's not cross platform at all. It does run on Windows 11, but you have to download the correct version of the .NET Framework (which happens automatically when you try to run the executable, but it's not a great user experience).

Fortunately, we do live in an age when making things in a browser sucks a lot less than it used to. And I am on something of a web kick lately. So I remade my little Mega Man desktop buddy to run in a browser!

You can check him out on the home page for this site. I also put him on the main blog page. I thought it might be nice for people scrolling through my list of blog posts to have a companion while they do so. I might put him on other pages too. We'll see.

Oh, yeah! He's also on the page for this blog post. That seemed appropriate. If you want to give him a break for a bit you can click the button in the upper right corner with his face on it.

Mega Man buddy screenshot

Some things I learned (or maybe remembered) while making this: * I wanted all the code for this to be in a single .js file. I wanted to just be able to include it on a page and the script would do everything it needed, including having all the images. Embedding base64 encoded images in a Javascript file is pretty easy. I wouldn't recommend always using that method for images, but in this case it worked well.