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Ninja Robot Winning Gameshow

Image of Ninja Robot Winning Gameshow

After making several ASCII, console-based games I wanted to make something more graphical. Ninja Robot Winning Gameshow was that attempt. I also wanted to make all the graphics myself, as well as the sound effects. They text to speech for the commercials was particularly fun to make.

The collision detection is not forgiving enough. And there's one level where it's possible clip through one of the walls. I'm not sure why that is. And I'm sure most people will find way too difficult. But I like the feel of the game. I think the music really helps a lot. And the fact that you have to watch commercials as a punishment for dying to frequently still causes me amusement.

While gathering screenshots of NRWG I found out that if you wait long enough on the intro screen that it starts showing instructions and a little of the back story for the game. I totally forgot it did that.

Download for Windows (32-bit)

Download for Windows (64-bit)