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Space Invaders - ASCII

Published • December 08, 2007

This was an exam that I gave earlier this quarter.  I let my students vote on the theme and they picked Space Invaders.  I think this one turned out pretty well.  The only thing I think I might add to it is a way to beat it, or at least have it keep track of a high score.  Well, maybe in version 2.  It does have multiple levels though.  When you beat all the enemies in one wave then a new wave with more enemies gets created.  The first wave starts at 12 enemies wide and the waves max out at 20 enemies wide (there are always five rows of enemies)

Use the arrow keys to move your ship and the space bar to fire.  You get your first extra life at 20,000 points, the next at 40,000, the next at 80,000 and so on.  Your ship is destroyed if you get hit by an invader bullet of if an invader touches you.  If you don't move for long enough then the game will start playing by itself!

As always, the .NET Framework 2.0 or higher is required to play this game.  It should work on any remotely recent hardware.  To play just decompress the zip file and put the .EXE file somewhere on your computer.  Then double click on it to play.

Space Invaders - ASCII screenshot

Download Space Invaders - ASCII