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SONR Trailer

Published • July 18, 2010

SONR was originally started as an entry in the TIGSource Assemblee competition.  Unfortunately, I didn’t really get far enough to submit anything for the competition, but I liked the game, so I’ve kept working on it. 

I decided a while ago I should make a trailer for SONR before actually finishing the game.  I’m not sure exactly why I decided that would be a good idea.  Maybe because I knew it would be a while before the whole game got done?  I’ve never made an actual trailer for a game before.  Gameplay videos yes, trailers no.  I’d appreciate any feedback on it that anyone has.  Cool?  Lame?  Confusing?  Waste of time?  I was hoping it would convey some of the emotions that I hope the final game will contain. 

Speaking of my hopes for the final game, I thought I’d make a list of my reasons for making/goals behind SONR.  Because, you know, the <ul> tag doesn’t get enough lovin’ in this world.

So those are some of my goals.  After I actually get done I’ll plan to do a bit of a retrospective as I have for some other games and see how well I did.  In the meantime, there are a few things I’ve already learned and some changes I’m going to make going forward.

Well, that’s probably enough talking (or rather writing) for now.  SONR still needs lots of code and it’s not going to write itself.  So let me know what you think of the trailer and the current look of SONR, and I’ll go write some awesome code. 

P.S. All the footage in the video is current in-game video.  The video looks okay, but the actual game looks way better.  The video has a bunch of compression artifacts which the actual game does not (especially noticeable at larger sizes).  I need to get some better video editting tools than what I currently have.