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Ninja Robot Winning Gameshow Around and About

Published • April 23, 2010

Since its release, Ninja Robot Winning Gameshow has enjoyed a small amount of public interest.  I thought I’d share some of the places it has shown up (Google Alerts is my friend).

Last night I went to the quarterly Utah Indie Game Night, met some cool people, got reacquainted with a few others, saw some cool things other people had made, and showed a few things I had made, including NRWG, which will hopefully help it gain a little more exposure. 

It’s been an interesting experience “marketing” NRWG.  It makes me really glad I work as a programmer and not as a marketer.  Actually getting the word out and making people aware of what you’ve created sounds hard, but is actually way harder than it sounds.  I think I’ll primarily stick to nice easy topics like collision detection, AI algorithms, multi-threaded locking issues and source control management, thank you very much. 

So I have two questions for anyone who might be reading: 1) Lots of people have commented on the difficulty of the game.  Has anyone besides me actually beaten the game?  Was the time and effort I spent on closing credits and music wasted (not that I spent a ton of time, but some) because I’m the only one who’s seen them?  Just curious.  2) I’ve previously mentioned the possibility of other people designing some levels.  I never heard anything from anyone on that.  I just thought I’d ask again to see if anyone new might be interested.  The level designer isn’t hard to use and isn’t horribly, horribly buggy.  Just a little buggy, honest!  If you’re interested, let me know in the comments.