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Mario TD v0.8

Published • November 24, 2007

This is the first joint venture between Rebecca and me.  We wanted to do something not too complicated for our first "real" game together.  So we decided to do a tower defense game based on Mario.  More specifically, Super Mario Bros. 3.  

The game isn't in its finished state quite yet.  The levels it currently has are just some levels I created for testing purposes.  Fortunately, now that I've finished the level editor making new levels will be much easier.  Also, Rebecca has some feedback from this version that I haven't addressed yet.  It mostly has to do with the game being too fast and too hard.  So my next steps will be to slow things down a bit and see if that makes it easier but not too easy.  Also, only the first level has music and only a couple of things have sounds.  Fortunately, adding more music and sounds will be relatively easy at this point.

This game also requires the .NET Framework 2.0.  Also, it will NOT work on 64-bit operating systems.  It uses managed DirectX for the sound, and apparently Microsoft decided they didn't need to support managed DirectX on 64-bit operating systems.  In the future I may move over to XNA, but that doesn't help at the moment.  If there's a lot of demand I can release a no sound version which works fine with 64-bits.

Speaking of sound, if you want to turn off or on the music you can press 'M'.  If you want to turn on or off the sounds you can press 'S'.

Again, it's not all finished yet, but let me know what you think of it so far.  I'll hopefully have time to finish it after the current quarter finishes up and I get done doing grades (mid-December) if not sooner.

Download Mario TD v0.8
(Editor's note: v0.8 of Mario TD is not currently available.)

To play the game simply unzip all the files to a directory on your computer and double click on the "Mario TD v0.8.exe" file.

P.S.  Mario TD is the unofficial name of this game at the moment.  It may change in the future.