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Fable of Griselda - Try it Out

Published • August 21, 2008

So I have Fable of Griselda to a point that it's almost starting to look like a real game and it's almost fun to play for a few minutes at least.  And that's good since the Bootleg Demake competition I'm making this for is over on August 31st.  

The "installation" process is typical.  Just unzip the files somewhere (doesn't matter where).  Then run Griselda.exe.  You need the .NET Framework 2.0 in order to run this.  If you have Vista you should already have the framework.  If you have XP or older you may or may not have it.  If you're not sure just try running the program.  If you don't have the framework installed then the program won't run.  In that case go download the framework from here.

To play:

Arrow keys - move your hero

Space bar - attack with your sword

Escape - quit the game

At the moment every enemy you kill will drop something, either a heart or a gem.  It won't work that way in the final game, but having it work that way greatly faciliates debugging your item dropping system.

Anyway, let me know if you have any comments, suggestions or troubles.  Here's the download link:

Download Fable of Griselda

(Editor's note: The downloaded version of Fable of Griselda is no longer available. The online version can be found here)